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This site is designed to help anyone that wants to: learn about crypto, earn crypto from home or a mobile device, learn about buying crypto, learn how to save money on deposits/services, find honest and current reviews that aren’t paid promotions, learn about all sorts of special offers/promos, learn about resources needed to build a solid system as a foundation with research, find the most important and up-to-date articles regarding the crypto space, learn about business, finance, & marketing topics, wants FREE stuff like air-dropped tokens, free chips for an online poker site, free entry into a $100,000 trading competition, free W.S.O.P. seat into a $1,000,000 dollar prize pool, and streaming sports/live TV sites… with NO CATCHES. Once promos expire, they’ll be deleted. This site is more than learning how to get free crypto.

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The mindset, patience and strategies I developed since I was a teen to succeed in poker has given me a strong foundation to build an investing framework on. Like with poker, I strive to learn more each day, while learning from my mistakes. Being accountable for mistakes and failures is the key to growth in life, poker, and investing.

Helping others improve makes me feel good at the end of the day and it also helps me be aware of my beliefs, reasons, and perspective. I’ve semi-coached a few friends in poker and seeing them learn to win is extremely rewarding and exciting for me. It also forces me to explain why I think certain plays are more profitable in certain spots and to verbalize my thought process. This keeps me grounded and on the lookout for F.P.S. (fancy play syndrome) and other irrational moves. This website kind of works in the same way, it reinforces fundamental building blocks and safety measures to keep me grounded while using data (and not emotions) to thinking rationally and make informed decisions.

Poker has taught me to always manage risk, plan ahead, and to work hard off the tables to excel on it. It took me a long time for me to get to where I am today… mostly because I was somewhat risk-adverse by nature. I owe a lot of what I have to poker, including the friends I’ve made playing it. Although I’ve had a lot of setbacks that slowed down my overall progress, I didn’t give up and kept studying to improve. This same mentality is what I depend on for the proper mindset in learning and investing. Ever since I could remember, I was always determining the true value of something and trying to profit off that. Like poker, investing in anything is all about risk management. Anyone that tells you differently is either paying through the nose or got extremely lucky.

By the time I was 10, I was taught black jack by an uncle. By 13, I was into sports cards/memorabilia and comic books. By 15, I was taught poker at recess by a friend, five-card stud… and I was hooked instantly. We’d play everyday during recess while others played basketball or handball. It eventually became a crew of five that played for money daily. We hid the money in a school bag so teachers wouldn’t know we were gambling. One friend ended up owing me over $2,000 but what kid could pay that off? A few years later, another friend introduced me to online poker and that was all it took. Texas Hold’em had took over my life. I eventually dropped out of HS because I was so addicted to the feeling of winning and making more money. At one point, I was grinding almost 18 hours a day. My family was moving out of NY and I decided to stay behind and rent a small room for $400 a month in Queens. I started seeing results after a few months and couldn’t believe I could make this much money by “clicking buttons”. At this point, I barely did any studying and was getting about three hours of sleep since any free time I had went to grinding, even after an eight hour shift, and sometimes after a double-shift at Foot Locker. Since I wanted to always have enough money to play poker, I started working to ensure I had enough to cover for my expenses and for emergencies.

After a year and a half of working full-time and playing poker on the side, I quit my job to dedicate my life to improving and moving up in stakes. I was told I could be trained to be a manager but I just didn’t want to take that path. I was never so sure about anything in my life. That following month, my best friend lost my whole bankroll in less than an hour, playing blackjack on my account while I was asleep. He never paid me back claiming “it wasn’t even real money”. That was my first real-life lesson of risk management… NEVER share your passwords/accounts for your crypto/fiat wallet or any other gambling site with your friends/family. He used to come over and play for me sometimes and vica versa. What took me over a year to build was wiped out within 30 minutes. I eventually got hired for a job in Manhattan for a company that was pushing microphones. While working there, I found an underground poker club close to work where I could go and earn some extra money playing cards. You know that scene from “Rounders” where they have to be buzzed in to play at the Russian poker room? This place was exactly like that… except there wasn’t a peephole that slides open into the door to see the visitor. They just had cameras instead. This went on for a few years until the company went out of business. Since then, I have invested a lot of my time and resources to stay ahead of the competition. The competition isn’t as easy as it used to be pre-Black Friday but poker is still profitable.

Some people play poker for fun. I train to make profits. Some invest as a hobby. I do it to secure my future so I can focus on what matters, without being haunted by uncertainty and doubt. Whether I’m investing my money, or my time, I am ONLY LOOKING FOR PROFITABLE OPPORTUNITIES. Ultimately, I think the path I chose couldn’t have been much tougher but I’m much more mentally prepared for whatever life will throw my way. This is probably one of my biggest strengths… perseverance and patience. I always did well in school but got more bored with it the older I got. Eventually I dropped out of HS. For the longest time, I had no clue what I wanted to pursue as a profession but my path was already laid out in front of me… I just never realized it at the time. Funny how life work outs. I’ve always heard that many poker players transition from poker to the financial markets. Now I catch myself listing all the reasons how this is so true. I’ve been tempted to write an article on it.

I believe there are many people out there that don’t believe, don’t know what to believe, and/or don’t want to invest (money/time) into crypto… for a multitude of reasons. Some being too financially burdened, not having the time to research/experiment, or just lacking the motivation (for whatever reason) to fully commit to learning. Whether it is the uncertainty of putting down a deposit to purchase crypto, learning about the technology, considering which wallets to use, where to purchase from, or practicing safe habits… these are just some of the reasons why I know it can be daunting to sift through credible information/reviews to find relevant data. The problem is that a lot of people will promote something that they’ve never personally used but because they get a bonus for referring someone, they’ll only bring up the pros and not the cons. The referee eventually figures out the cons and his/her time and efforts are wasted after uncovering the deal-breakers. This has personally happened to me over a dozen times and it’s infuriating. There is no accountability. This site is different since this was designed for me to help people I actually run into on a regular/somewhat regular basis. There is accountability here.

I know that it took me over half a year to get used to the volatile markets and to find reliable sources/resources…and I had a friend trying to teach me, too. I can’t imagine trying to learn all of it, by myself, in a bear market. That was one of the biggest reasons for this site. It was for trying to get those I cared about into crypto (while they still have time), or at the very least… trying to get them to just learn about it. Then, they could draw their own conclusions after doing some reading, instead of having to tell them about different topics, instructions, and links individually… I could instead just type it all up on a website, ONCE. Instead of helping dozens, I could help way more for the same amount of work. Having everything in a central location, with personal reviews should make learning about crypto/earning it seemed like a good idea. I’m all about scaling and risk vs. reward. Richard Heart is responsible for opening my eyes to the importance of scalability… and not just regarding crypto technology but scalability for business ventures and investing my time efficiently.

If you’re between jobs, work from home, or just have some time to kill daily, you need to at least consider the methods on this site… especially if you live in the States (you have the most perks to choose from). Not only is time running out before the rewards get slashed again (some sites already have) due to the value of Bitcoin going from $3300 to $5200, you also have less time to accumulate a good amount in a shorter period. I know this sounds crazy but I wanted the bullrun to start in the winter of 2019 for this very reason. By then, I could’ve accumulated a good amount (with my current strategy) just for investing an hour or less of my time, (with no money required) daily.

From the latest free crypto airdrops and hacks to the latest malware that is targeting crypto wallets, only the most important Bitcoin and crypto-related info will be posted on this site. I spend a few hours a day researching crypto news so be sure to check here if you want to catch up on the important crypto events.

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I may do some giveaways and I have some other ideas for the future but so far, there is almost zero feedback after almost a month of consistent updates... pretty demoralizing but I knew this was a long-term project so I’m not slowing down now as the bullrun approaches us.

This opportunity will not be here forever. You can’t get 5 BTC anymore just for visiting a faucet like you could’ve ten years ago… we’ll NEVER see those opportunities again. The same results will be the outcome for the current claim rewards. As the bullrun nears, there will be more and more opportunities to earn free crypto as new companies try to gain market-share, with more promotions. So even the sources are paying less, overall… there will still be many lucrative earning opportunities as the industry explodes in the next five to ten years. Having a website built now is the prudent thing to do. That way, you’re ready to start promoting the second you see an opportunity. For tips, check out the “tips” section.

Stay tuned. We are going to print BTC from thin air like the FED does with fiat… just get started today.

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