Everything I use is listed here, and nothing I don’t.

Everything I use is listed here, and nothing I don’t.

https://www.earnbtc4free.com/promos-1/2019/4/16/free-hex-airdrop     The importance of consistency is highlighted below, “loyalty bonuses” add 1% to your previous streak, up to max 100% bonuses.


The importance of consistency is highlighted below, “loyalty bonuses” add 1% to your previous streak, up to max 100% bonuses.

LITERALLY every minute you can get paid. This site will help you EVERY with shortcuts, strategies from experience. Stop wasting time, time is satoshis.

LITERALLY every minute you can get paid. This site will help you EVERY with shortcuts, strategies from experience. Stop wasting time, time is satoshis.

Most of the non-faucet sources work the same way…

Most of the non-faucet sources work the same way…

You click/watch ads for free crypto. Yes, it’s real. “Offerwalls” can also pay you Bitcoin/altcoins to download or play a free app, surveys and more.

You click/watch ads for free crypto. Yes, it’s real. “Offerwalls” can also pay you Bitcoin/altcoins to download or play a free app, surveys and more.

You will see that the recurring theme on this ENTIRE site is SAFETY and promoting ONLY what I PERSONALLY USE/OWN. I go through EXTENSIVE measures to MAKE SURE YOU KNOW EXACTLY what to EXPECT AND what you will EARN, I tell it how it is… the good, the bad, and UGLY.

I can’t tell you how many times I used someone’s referral link because they ONLY stated the PROS of the source, and NOT THE CONS. This leads to wasted time and satoshis after realizing the cons make the source UNPROFITABLE, even with THE BONUSES.

I have at least two dozen accounts I’ve only used a few times before realizing a certain site WASN’T worth the time. You won’t find ANYTHING like that here because I don’t waste my time on unprofitable sources and neither will you. You’ll know the WHOLE story.















Earning crypto won’t cost you ANY money but If you’re not willing to do a some clicking on a mouse to stack cryptos (slowly at first) by building up loyalty, referral, and/or other bonuses to earn passive revenue streams FOR LIFE… this is NOT the site for you. No one is going to give this to you, you have to earn it.

It’s not even CLOSE to hard or complicated.



    in case you click a malicious link. This can happen through ANY LINK or EMAIL, not just crypto sites.


  • If you already have MalwareBytes, you don’t need it as MWB automatically stops browsers if the address is found in their database of suspicious sites.Your anti-virus probably already has this.

MWB has a 30-day FREE trial (no C.C. needed).

The pop-up blocker is a FREE program.

The BEST email service most don’’t know about, FREE.

Links to these FREE programs are posted on this page along with guides to help you get set up, fast. SCAN THEM before installing for peace of mind.


By entering this site, you acknowledge that YOU are solely responsible for what takes place after you learn these methods. I’ll do MY BEST to give you advice and warnings but if you DON’T LISTEN and PRACTICE SAFE HABITS, NO WARNINGS will EVER save your CRYPTOS from getting stolen, hacked or phished. This is NOT exclusive to just crypto-related sites, but ALL WEBSITES.


I ONLY share what I PERSONALLY use or have used in the past, PERSONALLY.

I will NOT clutter this website with a hundred ads and pop-ups. This will remain a SAFE and FAST-loading site.

I have referred MY OWN friends & relatives to this site among many other visitors, without the need to repeat myself.

SOME people would NEVER put out malicious links in their ads… but SOME people WOULD. THEY WILL NEVER SEE the person who gets compromised… but I WILL.

This site WAS made so that people can see that you CAN EARN cryptocurrency from home or on your mobile, if you’re WILLING to EARN it.

UNLIKE OTHER sites that DON’T bother to WARN you of the cons or deal-breakers, I will make it a PRIORITY that you know the pros AND cons for EACH source that I use BEFORE you commit. ANY time or effort. This accomplishes three things:

FIRST OFF, you will see that I REALLY am posting SAFE links with an in-depth scouting REPORT so you CAN continue to try other sources with FAITH.

SECONDLY, you find what BEST FITS YOU and you stick with it, RACKING up loyalty & referral bonuses for being CONSISTENT. This is based on your goals, resources, dedication and time.

FINALLY, WE have MORE TIME to earn before the bull run and acquire MORE cryptos before it moons and rates are slashed. LESS time WASTED HUNTING SAFE & RELIABLE sources = MORE time to stack. I plan on updating this site for the FORESEEABLE future.

ANY website with a link/pop-up COULD be dangerous IF the links have malicious code in them. This DOESN’T just apply to crypto faucets or P.P.C. (Paid-Per-Click) sites that have pop-ups… it applies to ALL WEBSITES. The chances are slim, but there is ALWAYS a chance. What you need to realize is that SOME of the BEST paying auto-faucets and sources RELY on ads to generate revenue.

When you are dealing w/ sensitive information like keys and account numbers, SPECIAL ATTENTION MUST BE TAKEN to avoid getting phished, hacked, having your system compromised, or your keystrokes being logged.

DO NOT BLINDLY COPY ME or ANYONE else. I will label all methods sufficiently so you are AWARE, BEFORE you even get started.

It is IMPERATIVE that you figure out YOUR risk-tolerance and ADJUST accordingly. What I consider to be ACCEPTABLE may be UNACCEPTABLE for YOU. Some methods that I use ARE RISKY but I believe the reward outweighs the risks under CERTAIN circumstances.

If this makes you feel uncomfortable, look for options that are labeled “no-risk”. This simply means that there are no pop-ups that are involved or they are minimal and/or are easily avoidable.

The previous statements only applies if you DON’T have already anti-virus software that has real-time protection.

If you already have anti-virus software that has real-time protection, you’re good to go.

There may be other risks associated to some sources and HOW I USE THEM, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it too. Two sources that I use pay me 4-5% interest (with a minimum balance) just for holding my crypto in their Bitcoin wallets via their site is somewhat risky, however, I DO NOT store crypto I paid for on that wallet for the interest. I only store FREE crypto I earned to get the interest payments. I am okay with this since they were NOT PAID for with my money, just mouse clicks. You may decide to withdraw every satoshi to YOUR OWN wallet and not earn any interest. Do what you wish, but know I am being open about EVERYTHING.

If you have questions or concerns, I will do my best to give you honest and unbiased answers.

MalwareBytes is my go-to security software, this is what I use so this is what I’m sharing.. It’s like having a bullet-proof vest equipped online. Links included below. It’s hard for me to believe that most people don’t already have real-time protection & a pop-up blocker.

I am REMINDING to GET THEM BELOW if you either DON’T have them or want WHAT I USE to STAY 100% PROTECTED. The MalwareBytes database of websites will ALERT you if you TRY to enter a site that is KNOWN to be suspicious or even REMOTELY close to unsafe. With Malwarebytes, if a link turns out to be misleading or malicious, M.W.B. will AUTOMATICALLY stop the page from loading and WARN you to reconsider.

Even if you choose NOT to continue further, you SHOULD still VISIT the sites below and PROTECT yourselves. I do NOT make ANY referral bonuses by sharing the three links below. I share these because this is what I RELY on, PERSONALLY:

A simple but EFFECTIVE pop-up blocker:


Start with the blocker blocking all sites and test it to see if having it on/off makes a difference. Some do and some don’t.

The BEST real-time (30-day trial) protection available:


Turn all the real-time options on and you’re good to earn safely, ANYWHERE.

Make the tabs green by clicking “ON”.

Check out “game mode” which hides annoying notifications while using certain programs (like browsers, games, & video players).


The BEST FREE and PRIVATE email (servers in Switzerland). Notable features are the self-destructing e-mail option & the ability to send/read encrypted emails to non-ProtonMail users. I waited months to be on the wait-list but there doesn’t seem to be any… for now.


You made it this far, here’s my personal take on your options:



These are among the safest methods of making cash/crypto as you are not battling pop-ups or clicking links. Depending on YOUR strategy, resources (social media reach and specs of your computer) and time available to commit, this is a versatile way to build revenue streams on your time. The more time you put in, the bigger the chance you will gain a referral. Log into your social media account(s), blog or website. Make a few posts that include the referral link and the referral info (light marketing) a few times a week/day.

There is NO RISK other than TIME spent. the rewards can be VERY high depending on the amount of time given to refer others AND if there are any CAPS (maximums) in referral totals allowed. The upside is MASSIVE given you are DEDICATED to putting in the EFFORT. The downside is that getting someone to register for ANYTHING isn’t easy unless they truly want it. If you have your own website, blog or channel, sharing articles, reviews, blog posts, and alerts on social media is a huge advantage. If you’re serious about earning LONG-TERM passive income, sometimes for LIFE... this is a good start. A long list of followers/friends is a VERY big advantage over the rest of the field. A few MINUTES a day makes ALL the difference in the world as you build out your network of referrals. For instance, an exchange I no longer support (Coinbase AKA “Conbase”) has a $5 referral bonus for affiliates and if someone signs up through that link, both parties get $5. Coinbase will NOT be promoted here as I no longer support or use this exchange. I WILL try to get others to boycott it. IF I supported this site, I would post the referral link somewhere on this site ONE TIME and let the referral bonuses stack up with NO FURTHER MAINTENANCE required.

There are COUNTLESS ways to advertise. Dedicated sections to getting started are under the “tips” section. This method is simple and the best part is that YOU decide the amount of hours, to promote. The downside is if you’re lazy, you literally won’t get anything… and as high as these rewards can get (w/ just a little effort and planning) that is a HUGE loss. If you think you need something more automated and less time-consuming… read the next method.


Mining is perfect for those that want to earn crypto w/ the least amount of work. This is perfect if you don’t want to deal with faucets every hour, or every day and you just want to “set it and forget it”. You already have a computer, you might as well print some bitcoin or cryptos with it before prices sky-rocket and your rewards are slashed, just like they were during the bullrun to $20K. The problem is finding SAFE and LEGITIMATE mining software as you are WILLINGLY installing said software onto your computer. If the file is clean, it’s harmless but it can be catastrophic IF it isn’t. This is why I only stick with software that have been made available for at least 6 months. This gives the company enough time to make adjustments, if needed, and allows me to read reviews of those that were first in line to try it. Gauging the progress of the increasing/decreasing issues, I can make an informed decision without putting myself at risk while I ask questions and get answers from the team.

The MORE computers that you have, the more you can EARN. The FASTER your computer’s specs, the FASTER you will mine Bitcoin. You can leave the computer on overnight to earn the max or let the software auto-load whenever you start up your computer. The latter option will conserve electricity and will not kill the life of your battery if using a laptop. (Side note - you can actually remove the laptop battery and still use the laptop plugged in. That way, you can leave it plugged in overnight without decreasing the health of your battery). I recommend MINING for those that are not too tech-savvy and/or are aware that the rewards are limited w/ a single computer (without referrals) but at the same time, realizing you’re literally turning a computer on or off to start and stop mining Bitcoins. Do some LIGHT marketing and the rewards will be MUCH higher. If you can get a FEW referrals a month, you’ll be earning a decent rate without doing a thing you wouldn’t normally do anyway. You download the setup file, let the installer install and you’re done. You can use the three FREE links above to get the free scanner/real-time protection, pop-up blocker, and the best private email service, above.

You should SCAN the mining setup files and see for yourself.

They are legitimate exe. files, scanned with MalwareBytes.

After the install, there won’t be anymore exposure to the internet UNLESS your’re logging into the website to withdraw/see specific stats. The ONLY two miners I have EVER used are both listed under “MINERS”. The user interface, (U.I.) is simple and well designed that you’ll be able to figure it out without ANY instructions. These miners DON’T require you to SPEND THOUSANDS on equipment… it is all FREE software. How are these free miners free? These companies take a small cut of your total Bitcoin earned but there is no cost out of your pockets to start earning and the referral system more than makes up for this.

It also will NOT boost your electricity costs or be deafening to be around. There are NO complicated set ups, expensive units or technical knowledge required. Click the link, register your email (for payout confirmations), install, and click start. It is LITERALLY that simple… the downside? You’re not earning anything like a real mining rig would but you’re also NOT dropping thousands of dollars and learning commands to run the miner via DOS, either.

There is NO RISK with the miners on this site, however, the ceiling is capped UNLESS you will run the miner(s) 24/7, or get some referrals. Both miners I use have referral programs to boost your levels and I suggest you at least try them. One miner is a dedicated miner and the other is a browser that needs to be open to earn Bitcoin. The browser earns more IF the window is actually open & visible but as long as the browser itself is open, you earn Bitcoin… just not as MUCH as if the browser was visible.

FAUCETS /PTC (Pay-To-Click)

There are a few that are “no-risk”because those are faucets and P.P.C.’s that don’t have ANY pop-ups… they will be labeled “no risk”. “No risk” labeled sources either:

  • DOESN’T have ANY ads, AT ALL.

  • DOES have ads BUT they’re embedded IN the page, (non-popup ads).

  • DOES have pop-ups but ONLY appears one at a time may/may not auto-closes when the timer reaches zero.

  • If you’re doing a P.T.C. programs, you MUST WAIT until the timer hits ZERO to collect your earnings and NOT BEFORE it hits zero. If you close the window BEFORE the timer hits zero, you will NOT be compensated for that task. MOST faucets have pop-ups to deal with. FYI, a vast majority of these pop-ups are just annoying and completely harmless but I am bringing this to your attention AGAIN… IN CASE you are thinking of attempting these methods WITHOUT REAL-TIME PROTECTION.


    It would NOT even take you ten minutes to get protected

    and it’s FREE.

What I like to do is to open up two browsers (one being the Bitcoin miner) and work both traffic earning P.P.C’s sources at the same time since it only involves clicking a button and waiting for the timer to hit zero. This saves me time & I earn double the traffic credits to double the traffic that is sent here. I usually do this first thing in the morning after I wake up & watch crypto news.



Faucets are your best bet if you’re strapped for time. Auto-faucets can pay out 24/7 but you must leave the tab open so it can process your claims. 10-20+ mins. a day can pay off w/ CONSISTENTLY.



Promos can range from increased points, rates, tickets, claims, etc. These are usually announced in a predictable manner. Usually, weekly and on the weekends. This is when I put in VOLUME.



These programs pay out in cash, tokens or bitcoin. Some require you to promote w/ emails, texts or social media. The more friends/followers you have, the EASIER your job is to rake in the cash.