(#5) Bit Fun Bitcoin Faucet/games - (FREE CointPot micro-wallet needed)

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You will need a CoinPot account to claim from this site, like many other faucets. They usually will require either a CoinPot or a FaucetHub wallet to claim free crypto.



Play one of the dozens of free games while waiting for the faucet to recharge. The longer you you wait, the more Bitcoin you can claim at once… up to a CERTAIN point. This site doesn’t display the claim rates but every morning,

I get about 100-120 satoshis in a single claim (without any referrals).. Every 2 hours then produces about 50-60 satoshis. The longer your claim is untouched, the LESS it builds AFTER A FEW HOURS. The more FREQUENTLY you claim, the MORE Bitcoin you can earn. It’s best to take note of the amounts of time it takes to claim 100 satoshis. Then 50, 25, etc. You will see that there is actually a strategy to not only this source but most sources promoted on this site. When you start adding a few of these sources TOGETHER daily, timing is key to earning the MAX potential while NOT spending much time at all.


1. Click “Claim now”.

1. Click “Claim now”.

2. Click “Play”.

3. Enter the phrase below.

4. Click “Return to page” or hit the “TAB” key.

5. Click “claim”.

6. Wait 3 seconds.

7. Done. 100 satoshis in 30 seconds.

Here are some other ways to earn while waiting for the faucet to reset

Here are some other ways to earn while waiting for the faucet to reset

Source: http://bit.ly/BitFun-earnBTC4freeCOM