(#6) Bitnyx Bitcoin Faucet Easiest + Fastest - (NO RISK)

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This is labeled “NO-RISK” due to there being ZERO pop-ups ads on this faucet, They are all embedded into the page..

50% REFERRAL BONUS FOR LIFE, for EVERY claim they make.

This faucet has a low ceiling UNLESS you can get SOME referrals. I use it in my rotation because many times, if you complete the captcha ONCE, the next few spins DON’T require one. So it’s POSSIBLE to get 3-4 spins with just ONE captcha being completed. MOST faucets REQUIRE you to fill one out EVERY single time you SPIN It’s NOT uncommon to earn 60-80 satoshis with LITERALLY ONE captcha and 3-4 mouse CLICKS. Total time, about 20-30 seconds for 3-4 spins.


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Source: http://bit.ly/earn-BTC-4-free-BITNYX-ref