Solutions to Common Problems Claiming From Faucets & Other Sources

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I read articles like this ALL the time. What these authors don’t know is that there are shortcuts. There are also thousands of sources to earn from. This was copied and pasted from Medium. This person wrote a review about Moon faucets a few years ago but I’m sure people get the wrong idea reading older and more recent posts like this one, all the time. What he is saying is true IF you don’t know how to make adjustments/find solutions.

“Moon Faucet is really a collection of 3 faucets: Moon BitcoinMoon Litecoin, and Moon Dogecoin. They all work on the same basic principles, just with different cryptocurrencies, so I've decided to lump them all together. I decided to start hitting faucets to learn more about the world of cryptocurrency with no risk. After hitting these faucets for a month, here's what I learned”.

This is generally true for MOST sources that have a decent to high number of pop-ups. Very few of them don’t have ANY pop-ups or ads that are embedded in the browser, which force you to have to close a new window, or pop-up.

“The Bad

The Ads - My god, the ads. There are so many ads. I'm sure that's why it pays out decently, but it can be a little intimidating at first. Once you get used to the layout of the pages, it's navigable, but you have to be persistent and keep closing ads to get to the goal.”

You HAVE TO use “hotkeys” to earn your FULL potential, at least a few of them. They will also take the load off your wrist from solely relying on the movement of the mouse to carry out ALL the commands. Hotkeys, in this case, are shortcuts for your keyboard and mouse. Smartphones and tablets, iOS and Android, laptops and desktops… they all have them.

Check the “Tips” section to learn more.

“The Captchas - Once you navigate the overwhelming sea of ads, you have to solve the captchas. I have never encountered captchas that are so difficult to get through. I often have to go through 2 rounds of multistep captchas to get to the claim. And the captchas are slow. I've gotten pretty good at solving these things quickly, but it takes a couple seconds for the pictures in the captchas to refresh, so I'm sitting waiting for pics to load (and no, the issue is not slow wifi, I've tested it on 4 different networks, all with the same result)”.

You can toggle between different Captchas. Some Captchas are better suited for those that type average speeds or faster. All have their pros and cons. I’ve come across at least six different types. Most of the time, there are only two options but that is all you need. As long as there is a choice, things are significantly easier for you to get it completed fast, so you can claim that crypto. For now, you should try all the options by clicking the Captcha box to see which is easiest for you. Just knowing that there are usually MORE than one option and just knowing that is a huge win. After that, it’s on you to find your own methods.

Check the “Tips” section to learn more.

Wallet Inflexibility - When I first signed up, I didn't really know what I was doing. I signed up with a wallet provider, then used that wallet address at moon faucet. When I learned a bit more and realized I wanted to switch to a different wallet, I found out that the ability to sign up with just a wallet address has a downside too. I couldn't change my wallet address without losing my accumulated funds as well as my daily bonus accumulation, since my new wallet address would be an entirely different account. I ended up waiting until I had hit my payout threshold, then switched my wallet address. I still had to start over on my daily bonus accumulation, but at least I didn't lose my coins. I got my payout to the old address, then started earning on the new address”.

I only use TWO micro-wallets (they’re free) for ALL the sources on this site. Everything else has their own dedicated wallet. Every source clearly states which wallet is needed to claim the cryptos, in the title of the post, the from the page overview and the inside the post. It’s not hard at all and it takes less than two minutes to make each wallet. THERE ARE NO KEYS TO WRITE DOWN FOR MICRO-WALLETS (wallets you will need to earn crypto from some sources) like a personal wallet on your mobile wallet or Trezor requires you to. If you forget your password, you can reset it like an email account. Any other wallet and you’re in BIG trouble.

Check the “Wallets” section to learn more.

“App is a data hog - They have an android app, which I found to be more convenient than the website on a mobile device, as you can get notification reminders. However, after running it for a week, I noticed my data utilization was much higher than usual, and it turned out that Moon Faucet was the culprit. So I now only use the faucet on wifi. If you have an unlimited plan it doesn't matter, but it's something to watch out for”.

I never noticed this. Then again, I rarely do faucets without WI-FI. because I’m usually doing surveys. They’re very low in hogging resources and it pays a little better, in general. However, the ones that pay BIG can take UP TO an hour to complete. There are plenty of five to ten minute surveys as well. I’ve come to realize that doing three 15-minute surveys pays about the same as a single 45-minute survey.

Survey and Faucet overviews coming soon under the “Tips” section.

“In Summary

On the whole, this faucet has served its purpose. I earned some coins of various types and have furthered my understanding of the cryptocurrency technosystem. In the future, I probably won't use this faucet as vigorously as I have for the past month, but it is a way to earn some crypto with fairly minimal effort. And when Dogecoin is worth $1000 a coin, I'll have a nice payday. If you found this information helpful and would like to sign up, I'd appreciate you using my referral links below. It doesn't cost you anything, but it does give me a referral bonus. Thanks for reading!”

Really? $1,000 for a single Doge coin? What would the market cap have to be for Doge to reach $1K each?

This person doesn’t get that he/she is about as inefficient as can be. So much extra effort was wasted when there is a solution to EVERY SINGLE ONE of his/her complaints. Not only that but the hotkey suggestion works on crypto websites, non-crypto websites. and even work on most computer programs. Learning them for mobile is similar and even easier than PC.

Look at the screenshots I posted on the homepage at the bottom and tell me that this isn’t profitable. Tell me that it won’t be worth it when Bitcoin hits $20K and beyond. I’m still at near zero referrals and not even close to a 100% loyalty bonus on any of my accounts.The sky is the limit.

In summary, this could’ve been such a better experience for this person but he/she couldn’t come close to earning their full potential. Not by a long shot. To earn the max, you need to pick a strategy and stick to it. He/she is going to look for better faucets. The Moon faucets are SO good IF you can rack up loyalty bonuses and there is no way you can do a hundred straight days to get a 100% loyalty bonus (and maintain it) if you don’t even know the basic shortcuts to shave down the time spent and increase the rewards earned. That is a double-whammy. On top of that he is doing at least three faucets. Eventually, you’ll think it’s not worth the time just because you feel like everything is too hard or too time-consuming. Don’t be like this person, learn from his mistakes and my experience. You’ll have a lot more fun when you’re profitable as opposed to when you think you’re wasting time.

Ask questions, learn the basics, test your methods, have a plan, and start to learn the hotkeys. I’m not doing this for it’s current USD value, I’m doing this so that in a few years, I can after it. I do not want to sell the Bitcoin I paid for, just the Bitcoin I earned for free. I don’t care about Bitcoin in terms of dollars. I only care how many satoshis I stack because when Bitcoin soars again, the fiat value will rise accordingly. When it hits $8K, the claim rates will be slashed by 50%. $16K? Another 50%.If you think these sources are willing to lose money and crypto just to have you visit their site, you’re wrong. These are businesses that use ads to bring in revenue, not spit out.