(#1A) Cointiply Bitcoin Faucet (NO RISK)

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This is labeled “NO-RISK” due to there being ZERO pop-ups ads on this faucet,. This faucet has ads IF you choose to earn by watching clips but they are limited and auto-close.

100% MAX BONUS for 100 days of participation with at least ONE spin a day.


If you miss ONE day, your loyalty bonus resets to 0%. Consistency is KEY.

EARN free Bitcoin, here! This faucet has a builtin Bitcoin wallet that pays 5% daily interest if holding over 30K satoshis. If you live outside the U.S. I would try the P.T.C’s by watching short ads and building up a referral network.

My FAVORITE faucet to use that ISN’T an auto-faucet. I have tried EVERY possible way to earn on this site and if you live in the U.S.A. (maybe Canada) the surveys are a good way to rack up 100K+ satoshis a week with MINIMAL effort. There are SO MANY ways to earn and a coin multiplying gambling game to play with your winnings. I personally do NOT like this game and want to earn a guaranteed 5% interest, no need to gamble for me.

You can also spend your coins (1 coin = 1 satoshi) to get yourself a paid-account (30K coins) that has some decent perks. I considered it and wish I had. Wouldn’t have lost my 64-day streak and would’ve gotten a mulligan for my loyalty bonuses. EVERYDAY YOU PARTICIPATE = 1% LOYALTY BONUS ON YOUR SPINS.


All the faucets are basically the same process, give or take a step or two.

Each survey takes anywhere from two to fifty minutes, the longer it takes, the bigger the reward. So many ways to stack that Bitcoin.

Each survey takes anywhere from two to fifty minutes, the longer it takes, the bigger the reward. So many ways to stack that Bitcoin.

Interest payouts made to me, weekly.

Interest payouts made to me, weekly.


This is a faucet that I rely on HEAVILY to not only earn bitcoin but to make it grow. There are so many ways to earn and it has taken me some time to realize the true value of this site. It took me a few months to find an optimal strategy for me to employ but here are the main reasons this site is a must for me, personally:

  • 1% loyality bonus added daily (max 100%) for every consecutive day you participate. One spin takes less than 30 seconds so you could actually get to the 100% loyalty bonus tier by spending 1 minute per day, for the first 100 days. So on day 1, let’s say you spin and get 40 coins. Once you reach 100% status, that same spin will net you 80 coins. I’ve had spins where I cleared 200 satoshis in 30 seconds. You can win as much as 100K satoshis on a single spin and I still have another 49% to earn before I get to 100%. The possibilities are very lucrative if you have the discipline to stick to a routine. One missed day = starting over at 1%. There are paid plans which give you mulligans among other perks but I haven’t done it, yet.. The closer I get to 100%, the more I consider it. If I do decide to pay for the upgrade, it will be free and paid for by Cointiply and not out of my own pocket. I earned these satoshis for free from this site.

  • 25% referral bonuses FOR LIFE + 10% bonus for offer wall claims. This is a pretty nice, a lot of places give you 50% but for a limited time. I would rather have 25% + 10% loyalty bonuses for life, instead.

  • 1 spin takes 30 seconds or less. You can spin once an hour. Even the busiest person in the world can afford 30 seconds to spin every hour or two.

  • 5% interest earned, paid out weekly, with 35,000 coins or more. 1 coin = 1 satoshi. You can withdraw or deposit any time and there is no waiting period, at all.

  • With so many ways to earn, conservative interest weekly to pushing your luck with the Cointiply multiplier game and everything in between, this site has something appealing for everyone.

  • NOT loaded with pop-ups. As a matter of fact, besides the ads that pop up when you decide to get paid for watching short (PTC, Paid to Click) ads… there aren’t any on this site... AT ALL.

  • Pays out promptly and the site is never down or has maintenance issues.

If you want to gamble with your free Bitcoin, the perks are there.

If you want to gamble with your free Bitcoin, the perks are there.

Source: http://bit.ly/earnBTC4free-contiply-REF