(#2) Bitcoins4me - Bitcoin Faucet (FREE FaucetHub Micro-wallet Needed)

EARN free Bitcoin, here!

FREE FaucetHub micro-wallet REQUIRED.


DISCLAIMER - I have NEVER used the miner. The ONLY mining I do is from the “Miners” page.

20% Referral Bonus for Faucet Claims

10% Referral Bonus for Completed Offers

10% Referral Bonus for Gaming Rewards

5% Referral Bonus for Mining


All the faucets are basically the same process, give or take a step, or two.

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(#1A) Cointiply Bitcoin Faucet (NO RISK)

EARN free Bitcoin, here!

This faucet has a built-in Bitcoin wallet that pays 5% daily interest if holding over 30K satoshis.

This is labeled “NO-RISK” due to there being ZERO pop-ups ads on this faucet,.

100% MAX BONUS for 100 days of participation with at least ONE spin a day.


Withdraw anytime and get paid interest with no strings or minimum holding times. A TON of different ways to earn, gamble or build your network. IF you participate for 100 days STRAIGHT, you will earn 100% loyalty bonuses for EVERY SPIN, EVERY HOUR.

This faucet has ads but they are ONLY going to appear for P.T.C’s (Paid To Click) methods. They are NOT annoying pop-ups and can EASILY be avoided..IF you DON’T plan on earning Bitcoin for WATCHING SHORT CLIPS, there are NO ads, AT ALL.


All the faucets are basically the same process, give or take a step, or two. A step-by-step guide is posted in the “Moon LiteCoin” page under the “Faucet” page. This can be used as a guide for non-Moon faucets alike, this is as complicated as it gets, for most faucets.

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