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Can’t-miss crypto content…

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All these channels are informative and positive. Some are REALLY funny, and in crypto… that can be the best remedy to keep things loose. I know I’m forgetting some, this will be updated but these are the ones I watch, nothing but the best.

Bob Loukas - Bitcoin T.A, market cycle expert. 20-year trader.

Cryptobud - Crypto news + BTC/Altcoin F.A.

The Crypto Lark - Crypto news/reviews, impressive overall knowledge of crypto space.

TheChartGuys - Stock & Crypto TA.

Altcoin Daily - Crypto news.

Chart Vampire - Crypto TA.

The Moon - Crypto TA, news & economics.

Forflies - Crypto TA.

Crypto Daily - Crypto News, very entertaining.

Crypto Kirby Trading - Crypto TA & trading + funny content.

Crypto Love - Crypto TA, news + funny content.

Crypto Zombie - Crypto News + funny content.

MMCrypto - Crypto News, very entertaining.

The Modern Investor - Crypto News, often multiple videos per day.

Dvir Oren - News, TA.

crypto Eri - Crypto News, Unbiased XRP/crypto coverage from Japan

Mr_Kristof - Mining farm owner