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WARNING - if you want to be protected from DANGER, you should have some kind of real-time protection for (possible) malicious links. FREE links on the “Disclaimer” page. Don’t risk it.

It takes some getting used to and there are pop-ups. I use MalwareBytes in case I might click a pop-up window. To close certain windows from blocking the view, you have to close them by looking for tiny “X” marks. Some streams allow you to rewind/skip commercials and some don’t. Some don’t even have commercials since they are all recordings.

There will be a lot of fake ones to get you to click the ads. See “Hotkeys” under “Tips” section for shortcuts. Thinking about making a tutorial when I have some time.

This is what I use, personally and I’ve explained how I stay safe. You’ve been sufficiently warned on the dangers if you proceed without real-time protection. Go to the “Disclaimer” page and get the 30-day trial, it’s FREE… just like everything else on this site.

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More to be added later when I can remember the rest.