REUTERS - North Korea’s $700 Million Crypto Theft Chest Could Fund Nukes: Report

Russia, China, and North Korea are all racing to stockpile Bitcoin and cryptos. The U.S. is late with regulations (again) while countries like Malta are the standard for pro-crypto locations to start a crypto-related business. 

To prove my point, Bittrex, a U.S. exchange was recently denied their license to operate in NY. So not only does the exchange suffer from loss of revenue from a massive market, but the residents of NY also suffer as they now have one less market to purchase crypto from. Many countries will move out of the U.S. to do business, just like people are doing in China. The CEO of Binance, "C.Z." has stated that they are preparing to move out of China if the regulations become unbearable. They have been steadily adding offices internationally.

The governments are stifling the industry (for greed) before it has a chance to fully bloom. New York is the new California. Ridiculous taxes, overcrowded, and run by Democrats with corruption. 

Moral of the story: follow the money trails of the "smart money" and the accumulation of the most powerful countries in the world. Most of them are loading up the truck.