Bitcoin Is The New Gold

For those that think Forbes is some kind of a cryptocurrency expert, they’re not. These are the same clowns that have been bashing Bitcoin and crypto for years. Now, just like all the big banks and governments… one by one, they all slowly change their stance once they realize they will either have to adapt or perish. It’s the same song and dance, just a different pitch. I study patterns for a living and this is such a glaring pattern that I realized time and time again. Ultimately this means two things for those that aren’t invest in crypto yet…

the first being that it’s now obvious to these anti-crypto industries and corporations that continually bad-mouthing crypto will hurt their credibility as more and more evidence and progress is made with projects that have been given another few years to mature. Besides that, many of them are now piloting blockchain technology or at least looking to integrate it. Now that they have skin in the game, the tactic of yesteryear are not only ineffective but can also hurt their own bottom line.

The second is that as the biggest critics of the business, political, and tech world are changing their tunes to crypto while the average Joe is completely confused due to the mainstream media’s garbage “experts” on CNBC and other finance networks. CNBC is actually used as “reverse indicators” in the crypto community. That just means the veterans like to at least consider the thought of doing the opposite of what they suggest the average investor do.

The reason I bring this up is you should NEVER take financial advice from anyone until you do your own research (D.Y.O.R.) and go through the data. If you need help, check out the news section at and look at all the good news I’ve compiled. Everything you need to get started on researching crypto and earning it, can be found there. No fees, no ads, and no pop-ups.

The site was built so I can direct my friends and family to start earning without me having to repeat myself dozens of times… it’s not like they’re short processes either. After an hour of skimming headlines, you’ll see the truth. Bottom line, as long as you get started on researching, you’re better off than 80% of the world.

Check it out, you won’t regret it. At the very least, you’ll find some useful sites and apps I found. It’s all free. Leave me some feedback.