Bitcoin Price Jumps to 4-Month High Above $4,900

This could be it. Searches across the world show a HUGE spike in searches. Regardless of what happens, today will mark the start or the road to recovery. All of a sudden, 7K isn’t so far away. Might not be the start of the bullrun but one thing is for sure, people have noticed. This huge spike in BTC was caused by a massive $100MM buy order by a whale. I believe these will be less frequent than a ton of retail customers FOMO’ing (Fear Of Missing Out) at the mouth. The opposite, or “institutional money” is already strapped in with their buy orders met. Banks have been mining and storing cryptos for years while most of them were denying it’s potential and bad-mouthing it any chance they could. It’s gonna be a fun ride.

Better get stacking with the crypto faucets and other sources while the rewards are only cut by a small percentage. The higher it goes, the less we earn for the same effort. Not that I mind clicking for half an hour a day getting free crypto. I’m personally going to be putting in a lot more volume after today since I’ve been slacking off lately being preoccupied with launching the site.

Stop by via Telegram. Discuss the markets, projects and what altcoin sources you’d like to see on the site next. Memes and GIF’s are mandatory. Twitter suspended the second account created for this site in the last two months. Over it. Telegram is best for realtime communication, anyway..

I will be sending live crypto and altcoin alerts to the Telegram channel before it hits the website or becomes tweets on Twitter. Stop by and tell me what coins you want to be notified of, I’ll add it to the list.


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