FREE HEX Airdrop + 10%/20%/20% Referral/Speed/Yearly BONUSES


You should watch this in it’s entirety, amazing stuff about the project and other interesting topics.

You should watch this in it’s entirety, amazing stuff about the project and other interesting topics.

One of the smartest guys on YouTube, period. See timestamps below. - CLICK THIS LINK + GET STARTED W/ BLUE BUTTON.

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Designed to replace of the C.D.’s of the banking world to the blockchain.

Earn more yearly interest than banks. To participate in the airdrop, set up your smart-contract, let the snapshot of your balance take place, & 10,000 tokens will be airdropped for every 1 Bitcoin you hold. It will be air-dropped to your ETH wallet where it will be “staked” for a period of time that YOU set.

Use MetaMask to receive the ERC-20 token via aid-drop, FREE… but only for the first 50 weeks. Every week you miss, you lose 2% of your bonus and it’s given to those that refer/stake early. This process is called “staking”, but in this case… it simply means letting the system take record of how much Bitcoin you have (so they can send you 10,000 tokens for every 1 Bitcoin you have.

After the “snapshot”, You get the tokens air-dropped to your MetaMask (wallet for browser) extension. As soon as the snapshot is over, you can do whatever with your Bitcoin as is literally takes a second.

Key points to remember:

You WILL NOT NEED TO give up your private keys/password.

You WILL NOT NEED TO send your BTC to an unknown address .

You WILL NOT NEED TO have your BTC locked up to get these FREE tokens.

You are simply letting the system take a picture of your BTC to see what you are owed.

As soon as the snapshot is taken, you can do whatever w/ your Bitcoin as it literally takes one second.

Instruction to start referring your own links:

  1. Download the MetaMask extension from the app store. (New ETH wallet in your browser)

  2. Back up your “Secret Backup Phrases (seed words)”. DO NOT LOSE/SHARE THIS!

  3. Copy the newly created address from MetaMask.

  4. Visit the homepage.

  5. Go to the “FAQ”.

  6. Type “refer” in search box.

  7. Follow directions to make your own referral link. You can earn without staking BTC but nowhere near as much as you would by letting the snapshot take place so you can get an equivalent amount air-dropped to you. (Watch the six minute video above for details)

When the snapshot is taken of all Bitcoin balances (to calculate your owed amount in FREE tokens) and so that the tokens can be sent to a smart-contract, where it will be locked until the terms you set are served (one week minimum + no BTC minimums). Once locked, this is where you start earning interest for every year you lock up those FREE TOKEN. YOU ARE NOT LOCKING UP YOUR BITCOIN, JUST YOUR HEX. (4).gif  - CLICK THIS LINK + GET STARTED W/ BLUE BUTTON SHOWN ABOVE. - CLICK THIS LINK + GET STARTED W/ BLUE BUTTON SHOWN ABOVE.

If you’re interested in the air-drop but don’t know how to proceed, contact me and I will walk you through it via Skype messenger or Telegram in exchange for using my referral link.

Both are free to download. Just make a free account.

Contact me BEFORE you start the process to be safe.

It should take ten minutes or less.

HEX: Claim free BHX by signing a statement via smart-contract given by the claim tool from a compatible Bitcoin wallet containing BTC. All unclaimed coins are distributed to staked claimants over 50 weeks.


Staking rules:

You can ONLY claim (stake) w/ addresses that start with a “1” or “BC1”.

ONLY THESE addresses are snapshot compatible.

You’ll need to “sign” the smart-contract w/ ONLY those addresses to calculate how many tokens need to be airdropped to you in a smart-contract.

If you have no BTC, you could buy some BEFORE the snapshot & sell AFTER.

The snapshot takes 1 second, you DON’T have the Bitcoin locked up, AT ALL.

Only referral and speed bonuses are paid to non-stakers.

Longer stakes get 0.385% extra shares per 7 days longer stake commit (20% per year.)

So a 5 year longer stake gets paid 2x what a 1 week stake would.

If only 1% of coins stake, then they're getting 369% ROI a year.

Trustless 3.69% interest pool paid to stakers instead of miners.


EMERGENCY (EARLY) UNSTAKE pays a 1/2 of the weeks committed to (stake length) penalty, half of which goes to the “loyal stakers pool”, minimum - 9 weeks. 

SILLY WHALE PENALTY of 50%-75% from 1k to 10k+ coins. (avoidable by splitting up before snapshot.

GoxMeNot: Mt. Gox and a few other undesirables excluded from claiming.



If you don’t know who this man is, you should listen to him. He called the bottom… and the top for BTC, MONTHS BEFORE it happened. Listen to him speak on a WIDE array of topics. He is brilliant.

“There are a ton of advantages to this system that I designed”. Referring to the perks of early investors that get air-dropped FREE Hex tokens before they hit the markets. This guy retired at twenty-five, years BEFORE Bitcoin was created. Now, he’s created a crypto, the USE-CASE is to PUMP IN PRICE. This coin has all the “pumpamentals”, Richard says. He’s not lying.

Before I get into ALL THAT (it’s a TON of rewards for staking your BTC - you set the terms, no minimum Bitcoin requirements) you can get the for FREE for committing. You have to at least hear about it and learn how to get free HEX coins BEFORE it’s on the market. After the first year, investors will not get ANY bonuses the early investors did, they’ll be given out to everyone else by then.

“You get to to be the FED, and you get to be the bank, and you will always make more than inflation, so for you, there isn’t any inflation”.

“Now in Bitcoin, there is inflation because its paid by the miners. The miners sell the coins to pay the electric bill (for mining Bitcoin) So that “externality” sucks the money out of the price pump, because the electric company inst buying coins, even if they did take it, they’d sell it.

“There are a ton of advantages to this system that I designed”.

“There’s a war for longer stakes because you get 20% more shares for every year that you stake over the minimum. and that matters ALOOOOOOT”. In the first 50 weeks, you have these huge bonuses that don’t exists after the first 50 weeks.

If you set the length to a one-day contract, the funds are released in one day since HEX is an ERC-20 token that runs on the Ethereum network which is one of the most well-known and used networks. Not even Richard himself can get to your staked BTC since ONLY YOU have the keys. If you should have to bail out early on the investment, you would then be giving up some/most equity in future earnings to the holders that kept their word.

The more people you refer before the first fifty weeks is up, the MORE you multiply your R.O.I. since EVERY bonus/penalty affects future earnings.

That is why the first fifty weeks are a crucial stage to participate in since this stage sets up the latter stages in terms of growth potential.

This has all the game-theory you can handle. It truly covers all the possible scenarios and changes the outcome based on many different factors.

This investment cuts both ways which is why you need to be realistic with the terms (length of contract) and the amounts you decide to “lock up” for.

Here are some quotes from the 3+ hour YouTube interview:

“When your stake [has] ended, you will get paid… when your stake [has] not ended, you will NOT get paid”.

“Bitcoin wasn’t designed to replace all parts of banking, it was just designed to replace currency”.

“So, if you want to get rid of all the banking criminal **** s-ckers, you need to replace ALL the parts”.

“We want a high market-cap, we want to on-board new users.”

“So what else do they do, they do well they do time deposits well Bitcoin ain’t gonna be able to do them, because it can lock coins, but it can’t bare interest to them for those coins, so NO ONE will lock them.”

“So now In our system, were built to do something that is a 600 billion dollar market in the US alone and a multi-trillion dollar market industry internationally.

“if you like Bitcoin because it does currency, you should love us because we’re doing this other banking thing that Bitcoin doesn’t want to do”.

“You should love us because we’re trying to get rid of banks”.

Genius, pure and simple. You can lock up some BTC in a smart contract and get paid MORE for holding longer… just like CD’s at a bank. Since the fees aren’t paid to miners in this system (they get paid to early investors and those who commit to a longer term of holding + referral 20% bonuses) that the FED and the big banks won’t profit off this asset. It’s true believers of the project.

Stake some of your EXISTING Bitcoin to secure free tokens PRE-MARKET. A smart-contract will make it protected, 24/7 until the terms YOU set are complete. THERE ARE NO MINIMUMS BTC AMOUNT AND NO MINIMUM TIME REQUIREMENTS. If you wanted, you could stake $10 of bitcoin you own and get free tokens after a day but the rewards would be small as the first fifty weeks is when it will be fully distributed by. Starts in 50 days. Refer others in the meantime and make good use of your time. BUILD YOUR FREE STACK UP!

There is also a “whale penalty” for those who don’t split up your balances in different wallets.

If this sounds like something ground-breaking, use my referral link so I can get the 20% bonus which DOESN’T come out of your bonus. Then sign up and start promoting your own link to earn 20% from others! All you need is some BTC to stake and you will get 10% of the stake in air-dropped HEX tokens! Easy.

This man is extremely passionate, real, and funny. He is also a hundred times more knowledgeable than a TON of “experts” on social media just based on the fact that he does code, himself. Not only that, but he’s a successful written a book (which you can get for free, for now). I follow him on Twitter and Telegram for his free calls. He knows what he is talking about, he is a pro’s pro, 100%, hands-down. See for yourself. Watch his videos on YouTube. Look at the topics he discusses…