FREE HEX Airdrop + 5%/20%/20% Referral/Speed/Yearly Bonuses

This crypto’s use case is investing. It pays better than ANY bank. This coin was design to pump.

It discourages weak hands from selling and rewards strong hands, or those that buy and hold for the long-term. The longer you commit, the more you earn… just like CD’s at your bank. Except this is backed in crypto, not worthless fiat.

“ Claim free BHX by signing statement given by the claim tool from Bitcoin wallet containing BTC.

All unclaimed coins distributed to staked claimants over 50 weeks. (GET SATOSHI'S COINS if he doesn't claim.) You're missing 2% more of your stack every week you delay claiming, till none left at 50 weeks. 

Pays holders instead of miners.

Bonuses: Refer: 20%

Speed: 20% falling to 0 at week 50.

Up to 20% adoption bonuses, VIRALITY: the more people that claim, and CRITICAL MASS: the more coins claimed.

Only referral and speed bonuses are paid to non-stakers.

Longer stakes get 0.385% extra shares per 7 days longer stake commit (20% per year.)

So a 5 year longer stake gets paid 2x what a 1 week stake would.

If only 1% of coins stake, then they're getting 369% ROI a year.

Trustless 3.69% interest pool paid to stakers instead of miners.

Emergency (early) unstake pays a 1/2 of the weeks committed to (stake length) penalty, half of which goes to loyal stakers pool, minimum 9 weeks. 

SILLY WHALE PENALTY of 50%-75% from 1k to 10k+ coins. (avoidable by splitting up before snapshot.) 

GoxMeNot: Mt. Gox and a few other undesirables excluded from claiming.”.

Mind blown.

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Changelly - Top 3 Exchange for Beginners (50% Referral Bonus for Life)

50% Referral Bonus for LIFE

Low fees, a big selection of coins, and Changelly even honors token swaps (FREE)… such as participating in the $KIN token swap. If you’re new to crypto, this is a good option as the biggest exchanges have user interfaces that can be intimidating and cause confusion for beginners. Changelly takes all the uncertainty with SIMPLE an extremely simple interface to buy and sell cryptos.

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Binance - 40% Referral Bonus if you hold $BNB (The #1 Exchange)

Binance Referral/Affiliate Program - Receive up to 40% commission in REAL-TIME

An incredibly popular exchange among crypto traders and investors… and a very generous percentage 20% payout which you can increase even further to 40% by holding BNB coins in your account.

If you’ve never tried Binance, this is the BEST exchange for so many reasons, mainlythe sheer number of cryptos, convenient payment methods, frequent promos, airdrops if you hold certain coins, reduced fees if you hold some $BNB tokens (which have TONS of use cases outside of the exchange), frequent updates to the best software and the C.E.O, C.Z, actually listens to the customers, unlike Conbase.

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RobinHood Stock/Crypto Exchange - FREE stock for Signing Up (Top 3 Exchange for Beginners)

I actually like the fact that RobinHood doesn’t allow you to withdraw your crypto. As an occasional swing-trader, I am guilty of dipping into my BTC stash a little too often to buy/trade altcoins. This FORCES me to NOT touch my Bitcoin on R.H. Anytime I buy Bitcoin on R.H, it stays there. If I want to trade it, I’ll have to go through a process to do so, which ultimately makes me hold on to it. I have dipped into my Abra account a bit much ,at time, since you CAN send BTC and other cryptos VERY easily on Abra. If I wanted to sell trade my BTC, a withdrawal info fiat sent to my bank via wire would take 5 business days.

If you know your strengths/weaknesses as an investor or just knowing yourself. I use EVERYTHING , for different objectives, at different times, at different locations..You SHOULD take advantage of your strengths and protect against your disadvantages to save yourself time, stress and money.. This is why I am giving you the full story, so YOU can decide for yourself and TRUST the data I am giving you as NEUTRAL

ALWAYS plan ahead, even if it’s FREE crypto you EARNED.

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