RobinHood Stock/Crypto Exchange - FREE stock for Signing Up (Top 3 Exchange for Beginners)

I actually like the fact that RobinHood doesn’t allow you to withdraw your crypto. As an occasional swing-trader, I am guilty of dipping into my BTC stash a little too often to buy/trade altcoins. This FORCES me to NOT touch my Bitcoin on R.H. Anytime I buy Bitcoin on R.H, it stays there. If I want to trade it, I’ll have to go through a process to do so, which ultimately makes me hold on to it. I have dipped into my Abra account a bit much ,at time, since you CAN send BTC and other cryptos VERY easily on Abra. If I wanted to sell trade my BTC, a withdrawal info fiat sent to my bank via wire would take 5 business days.

If you know your strengths/weaknesses as an investor or just knowing yourself. I use EVERYTHING , for different objectives, at different times, at different locations..You SHOULD take advantage of your strengths and protect against your disadvantages to save yourself time, stress and money.. This is why I am giving you the full story, so YOU can decide for yourself and TRUST the data I am giving you as NEUTRAL

ALWAYS plan ahead, even if it’s FREE crypto you EARNED.

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