Why You Should Build Your Own Website

Building a website SEEMS tough, but it ISN’T. The key is plan and gradually organize the screenshots and posts so that when the time comes to build, you’re NOT scattered all over the place due to a LACK of ORGANIZING and PLANNING.

You NEED a website because having a place to post a ton of links (without being reported for spamming) and LET the website do all the work. Just update it when the promotion is over (if it’s temporary) replace them when some new ones that were recently released. All you need to do after it’s built is to drive traffic to it and update it. To take down one screenshot for another takes less than thirty seconds. To put in a new referral link takes even less. Swapping out a few pictures? About the same amount of time as replacing a screenshot.

This allows you to focus on sending traffic to ONE location as opposed to having to Retweet on Twitter, re-post on F.B, resend on I.G, etc. Without a website, everything must be done tediously and repetitively. Not efficient, at all. Instead, do all the heavy-lifting as the foundation so that the rest is all smooth sailing.

It will take some time for you to plan, build and complete the website but the time spent on the website will save you A TON of time and energy in the future. That time can then be used to putting up/taking down expired promos, contests, referral links and keep them relevant with updated sources. This will force visitors to take notice.

Frequent updates will also boost your Google search engine rankings. I did a fair amount of research and studying on S.E.O. (search engine optimization) so I know that including lots of QUALITY back-links to your site will also boost your rankings.

With a completed website, your work is streamlined and so is your marketing. This leaves less room for errors and procrastinating. When you know EXACTLY where everything is and EXACTLY where you must go to get tasks completed, you’ll need less motivation to just get it done.

Go on YouTube and research the sites I listed for tutorials, it’s NOT like it was 15 years ago when YOU HAD to know HTML to build a website… everything is simplified now to mostly dragging and dropping.

Make a FREE account and just START playing with it. After a few hours, you’ll see that YOU CAN DO THIS.

Be advised that the free website I listed above WILL have ads visible. The paid versions will NOT. This goes for all free websites.

When you have a website, you open doors that normally are not even visible… like writing reviews for sites that reward you for it. Whether it be on YouTube, tweets or your blog/website. I had no idea these were available, either. Built this site thinking I had to rely on social media but I was wrong.

Constantly looking for other ways to earn and build traffic takes a little time but in the long-term, the website is doing all the work.

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