Comparison Chart - Crypto Paying Sources

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This is incomplete for now but I will add the rest of my routine here to be used as an example in the future. This is PLENTY to get you started. Miners, referral programs, promos, airdrops are all separate and will not be listed individually.

Imagine the possibilities if you spent a few hours a day, your earnings would be way higher than my current levels IF you can be consistent to build up your rewards.

This chart will tell you:

  • Base earning approximations

  • Reward rates / system

  • Time per claim

  • Return per average claim

  • How an hour a day or less can make a huge difference, long-term.

  • See how many earning methods each sources has

  • Projected base claims (w/o bonuses)

  • Pop-up frequency levels

  • Effort level

  • Reward potential

  • Claims allowed in allotted time

  • Claims rates in 5/15/30 minute intervals to compare sources with

  • How much bonuses affect your overall earnings in the short/long-term

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